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The Civil Financing for Development (FfD) Group is an open civil society mechanism developed to ensure coordinated and consistent engagement of all interested civil society constituencies in the United Nations Financing for Development process. The Group has a fundamentally thematic focus, bringing together civil society organizations, networks and federations that are interested and active in the Financing for Development Process and its interrelated domains. In various conformations, the Civil Society FfD Group’s engagement dates back to the Preparatory Committee process leading up to the first International Conference on Financing for Development in Monterrey (March 2002), and then continues through the preparation and follow-up of the Financing for Development Conference in Doha (November 2008) and the Third Financing for Development Conference in Addis Ababa (July 2015). In particular, the Group has been active in its present format (Global Social Economy Group – GSEG) since the Doha FfD Review Conference in 2008.

The core of the Group is an open virtual list containing more than 800 participating organizations (with more than 950 individuals). The CSO FfD Group includes the Women’s Working Group on FfD. As a mechanism for civil society’s engagement in FfD, the CSO FfD Group does not have “formal membership”, but it rather is an open space where interested organizations can engage and coordinate their common action, advocacy and engagement. Participating organizations can join the Group by subscribing to the Group’s online list (GSEG’s list). Joining the list is a simple process in which applicants provide some basic information to confirm their status as public-benefit civil society organization. Participating organizations includes movements, networks, federations and coalitions among various constituencies (both those formally recognised within the current structure of the Major Groups and other Stakeholders, such as NGOs, women, children and youth, and trade unions, but also Persons with Disabilities and others) as well as regional and thematic groupings.

The Civil Society FfD Group is facilitated by the Addis Ababa CSO Coordination Group (ACG), which was formed through an open, inclusive and transparent process, taking into full consideration regional, gender and constituency balance (including the Major Groups’ constituencies).

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