Sendai Engagement Mechanism

The Sendai Group (referred as the SEM) aims to leverage the convening, advocacy and implementing power of stakeholders in support of the implementation of the Sendai Framework and the integration of disaster risk reduction into the broader 2030 Agenda. SEM works in encouraging behavioural change through: 1) global and regional advocacy and communication initiatives; 2) reaching out to stakeholders and CSO groups engaged in other 2030 agenda processes to support cross-sectoral and transdisciplinary collaboration; and 3) bringing case studies, lessons learned and expertise from the ground to the attention of global and regional policy processes to enhance implementation of risk reduction action. Aligned with Sendai paragraphs 362 and 483, SEM brings together representatives of all UN Major Groups and other Stakeholders (MGoS), CSO Groups focusing on specific 2030 Agenda policy processes as well as UNDRR partner groups such as ARISE and STAG. The SEM is governed by the SEM Advisory Group which consists of two appointed representatives of each of the Major groups and other stakeholder groups.

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